New outfits!

Okay, I love shopping…

Like almost every girl, I love looking good. Having the propper clothes on, having my hair done, followed by the right kind of make-up. I have been on two shopping sprees this week! One with my dad, where he bought me a ton of new clothes, (yea he kinda spoils me, and I love him for it!) and one where I went out and got my hair styled and cut, my brows plucked and colored and found myself a pair of jeans in H&M, wich fit me perfectly. Theres nothing like a good pair of jeans! It makes me feel amazing, when I have a pair of jeans on, that just fits me. I found a lot of neat things in H&M, there is almost always something in there! Its affordable, looking great and mostly comes in a huge variety of beautiful colors. I love H&M, its a great store! I like getting a ton of ideas to how to dress, so I often just go to browse, and many times, I dont buy anything, I guess I find it important to think about it for a while, before you buy it, I think it makes me more confident that im gonna use it, and not just forget about it and throw it in my closet. In that way, I spend my money more wisely.

Here is what I bought on my shopping sprees:


Im not much for the cutsie pastel colors, but the turquoise pastel top, was awesome looking when I got it on, so I got that one spite my dislike of pastel. I dont think that I have anything pink in my walk-in at all, I think its too ”little girlish” and I kinda hate that, so I stick to darker colors, and the very rare blue or green pastels. They have a way of spicing things up, but not making you look like your a little girl. The dark blue dress is very ordinary, but I have an idea about styling it with a big belt, and the black flower that I also bought. The light jeans only cost me 150 DKK, and their kinda awesome looking when their on. The dark jeans my dad bought me, and they were about 300 DKK, abit pricey, but their very nice. The little black top, actually has laces on the strops and the front and back, and looks so pretty on, it cost me 80 DKK and just looks good in any outfit, cause its such a simple top. I love sailor style tops, so this Tee / top was so me. My littlesister found it for me when I was trapped in the dressing room, trying on jeans, and when I saw the blue and white striped thing, I was in love, the band around the waits just gives the whole tee something! Its amazing. The striped Tee was my dads find, to begin with, I was a little sceptical, but when I put it on, it looked really nice, and I decided that it was perfect for the spring time. Last but not least, the necklace – a huge and pretty ordinary necklace in gold and silver chains, but when wearing low cut dresses, tops or shirts, its a must have!

All of this can be found in any H&M!


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