When I had a bad day

I listen to music like this…

Some songs have a special meaning to me, this one is awesome because it gives a vibe of pride and strength. Something everyone could use in their everyday life. This keeps me going, keeps me strong. Music is medicine for the soul. ❤

Ive been sick with the flu for about a week now, and Ive been missing out on my school, friends and havent been able to do anything around the apartment. I wanted to wash the clothes, wash the floors and change our sheets, but Ive been so weak that I just couldent lift a finger. I almost havent eaten a thing since Monday, Im glad that I have my fiancé by my side, trying to take care of me as best as he knows, and Its been hard on him the last few days, while Ive been sleeping the days away, feeling so bad, and not being able to help out around the apartment. He has been amazing and Im lucky to have him! Today Ive been sleeping all day, just non stop and woke up at late night, finally feeling somewhat better, but not completely. Im still weak, have a bad cold, shaking all over on and off, and I just want to be healthy now, I cant take it anymore.. Lying still in my bed all day makes me go crazy, I just cant stand it! I need to do something, anything.. Right now, im listening to Spotify, trying to relax and enjoy the feeling of not eating painkillers to stand to be in my own body. For a whole week, Ive been eating painkillers, and I hate those damn things, their like poison to your body, and if I could stand not taking them, I would stay far away from them. It just havent been possible, and I had to take that stuff for a week, trying to get some sort of pain release. But I hope from today, Its going to be all better.


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