Is feeling safe just fake?

Can we really say we are safe?

Whatever happend to the times when you could send your kids out playing, without giving it a second thought? Not locking the door, thinking ”well atleast they have to break a lock first!”? Walking alone late at night, without turning around every minute, to see if someone is following you? To not sleep with your phone next to you, if you might be in trouble, or if someone else is?

If I ever decided to have kids, I wouldent dare sending them out to play without knowing where they might be, I would never let them go by themself, and I would probably go with them anyway. All the things that happens to kids all around us, is horrible. If not even kids are safe, the who then hell is?!

I always lock my door, especially at night, and yea, I do have a fiancé, but I have heard so much about breakins and how they beat you from an inch of your life, just to steal a few worthless, lifeless posessions. It scares me senceless to think, that someone might enter my home, I moved out a few months ago, and I do feel okay here. We have locks on our apartment building door out front, no one without a key can get in! We have stirdy and good locks on our apartment door, and our windows too, but its so easy to break in now a days.

If I have to go walk my dog, wich is a tiny Yorkshire Terrier, I do look over my shoulder, wondering if someone is there. Its such a creepy thought, and everyone have heard on the news about these psycos walking out there, who isent locked up, or in a mental institucion, harming innocent people who are out at nights, minding their own.

My phone is always next to my pillow. I had a really bad incident one early morning, where I was still living at home with my parrents, and my mom woke me up, crying and acting all hysterical, trying to tell me something, something that stayed with me ever since. My cousin had been murdered at 3:00 late night, and the next morning, when they found his body, my world was never the same again.

Feeling safe is fake, I guess me and my family knows that more than ever. Even though what happend to my cousin is a while ago, I cant shake it, the feeling of being completely helpless, and not being able to do anything to pervent such things from happening ever again. Your never really safe, and I guess the people comitting these crimes, are too far gone to be saved from themself, when they feel no regrets at all. Its on the news every day, little kids, old people and young teens.. Everyone suffers from this fake safety, hoping that its enough to just think ”Ah it never happens to me”.

Will we ever get rid of the really dangerous unstable people, harming everyone? Will we ever be able to feel truly safe? In Denmark, admitting you killed someone might give you 11 – 12 years, tops. That is if the crime has been truly grusome. My cousins killer, he got 12 years, I think he got off easy.


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