Hate is ugly..

The truth about hate..

Hate is ugly, jealous, misunderstood, stupid and juvenile. Hate is like poison to the mind, hate someone and it speads like plague.. To say you hate a person, is such an ugly phrase, and normally it isent really true spoken. Hate is such a word that you shouldent use, unless something happens, that is so down right evil, that you cannot look the person in the eyes, and feel remorse for him/her. Like Hitler and what he did to the jews, that is hate. A man like that, I would understand people hate. A man who send so many innocent people to their death, no mather how nice, old or young they were. He just dident care..

Hate has many faces, often it is used as an exaggeration, to make people really understand how much you dislike something. But no one gets hate, not even me, and even I used the word hate so lightly, and I wish that I dident. Hate only truly excists when you have been through something so horrible, that you cant seem to speak about it right away. Hate really kicks in, when something so grusome has found place in your life, that you never dreamed of would happen to you or anyone around you. I had that hate in my life, but only once, and I hope it never happens to me again.

It sickens you, down to your very core, makes you truly ill, it makes you puke and there is nothing you can do about it, and no one will make it better and make it go away. The wish to yell, hit and harm a person, gets very real to you, even though I would never get violent with anyone, ever. But when the news hit me, it was so hard not to go crazy. Your in a state of mind, where no one can reach you, untill you get space to calm down on your own. Dealing with real hate, is the worst thing that happend to me. It is something that I wouldent wish for anyone to experience, and yet, there is so many that has had the same experience that I did.

Hate is so many things, but often exaggerated. I wish hate dident excist, but its not possible, not in this world.

Isent it intresting, that the human race, is one of the few, that just kills one of their own, just for the sake of killing? Not due to hunger or weakness like in the animal kingdom, but due to things like greed, jealousy or hate. All things that animals dont feel. That is our biggest flaw…


2 thoughts on “Hate is ugly..

  1. It’s true, humans are the only species on the planet capable of hate. An interesting thought, however, someone once told me that the opposite of love is FEAR and not hate. When you think about it, it’s true! Hate only comes from a fear within a person.. and it makes it not seem so bad. But what a fearful species we are!

    • Yea… To think that people act out when in fear, by hating eachother. By true hate, awful history has been made. Hate isent dislike.. Hate is an insane rage tords something or someone, and people just use the phrase ”to hate” very easily, its quite disturbing…

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