Sunshine on a wednesday..

Its been a fairly busy day for me today.

The sun was shining today, on a clear blue sky, wich made me in a very good mood today. Even waking up at 8 to call all kinds of things and work out some lisence for our TV, my travel card for school and doctors appointments dident bother me much.. Cause the sun was out and shining, and I had the whole day to just kick back and relax.. Or so I thought!

At first I called about four places, got numbers and so on for every place I needed to call on my list, had to go online to change adresses for my travel card for my school, and I dont even know if it worked yet, so I have to call yet again tomorrow, and ask them, if it looks right now… Sigh it sucks. The worst thing is, that every student in Denmark probably had trouble with these guys, cause they just dont know how to provide propper costumer service. Let me tell you guys… ”YOU SUCK!”.. Ahem moving on! That dident bother me much, just a bit, a bump on the road maybe.

Then my lovely neighbours startet their hammering and drilling next door, wich they have been doing for like a month now. I kinda hate them for it, cause its when you least expect it, they just start drilling like mad men. Well this was at like 9 I think, but its been worse, so I dident get pissed, I just let it slide, and thought ”Ah well its a work day, and most people are up anyway!” But they kept on going for ages, and when they finally stopped it was late afternoon, and I had a rinning sound in my ears… Fantastic.. Now I was getting a little cranky.

Then I made dinner and put it in the oven, and took a shower while it was cooking, with a timer on. My puppy Sammi, found it funny to attack my feet under the shower curtain. Not so cool, when you are wresteling with soap in your hair and trying to shove a puppy away, so he dosent drink the water on the tiles, with soap in. After ten minutes, he kinda stopped and fell asleep at the bathmat.. Lucky me!

I made it out of the shower, puppy in one piece and my feet intact, wohoo.. I blow-dried my hair, and when I wanted to un-plugg it, I burned myself on the plugg.. What the…?! Now my electric appliances were hating me too? I have a neat burn on my thumb now.. Nice!

The timer rings, and I needed to get the dinner out of the oven, so I switch off my oven, and looks at the food.. I decide to call on my fiancé to take out the dinner for us, so I dont get yet another burn to match the blowdryer one. Good choise, cause my fiancé is better with the oven and not burning himself, than I am. No harm happend to him!

Then I decided to wash our clothes, and loaded up two big piles of coloured clothes, wich we use the most of. When I start shoving clothes in the washer, I cut myself on my ring… God stupid way to hurt yourself, but I guess im a pro.

What a long day, now I think its best that I go to bed, and maybe… Take off my rings, and tell my fiancé to keep sharp objects away from me!


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