Heart on a sleeve

In your life..

Some people makes a difference, some makes it even worse, and then theres some, who touches your heart, in a way you never would have thought was possible. Who brightens your day, and brings a smile on your face every time your emotions runs off with you. Their called friends.

In life, you stand before many choises, some very difficult, some extremely easy. Making a choise to be friends with this person, was the easiest choise in the world for me. I met her in school, I was taking a shop education, in danish its called ”MG”. At first I dident notice this girl at all, I was so busy trying to fit in, even though I never really fit in. When we first talked, it was like we just clicked, everything was just perfect. Ive made some bad friends through the years, so I held back alot and dident want to trust her at first. But in the end, I couldent help not trusting her, not loving her, and not seeing her as a twin sister. We were so alike.

She gratuated half a year before me, and I missed her like crazy that half a year, where she werent around in classes. I actually ditched alot of classes, cause I hated being there without her. But I got my degree, I passed and I made it. After passing my exams, some time passed by, I dident think she would care to keep in touch at all, but that proved to be very wrong.

We started to meet up, and talked about everything and anything, and we had the same view on the world, on life. We went out dancing at discos, and had an awesome time, she really got me through alot of tough times. I can only hope that I got her through some tough times aswell, so I returned the favour.

Now, she is having a hard time, after a long time of illness, she got to know that she has MS (multiple sclerosis), but has no idea how its going to affect her life yet, im hoping for all the best for her, and im worried like hell, cause she dident deserve this at all. Im thinking like crazy about her illness, and how to deal with everything. I looked online, google, wiki and so on, like the propper geek I am, and studied her illness, so I could understand it better, to be a better friend for her.. Cause I dont want to loose her, to something as stupid as not understanding why she isent feeling right just that day. I guess im strange, looking everything up on the internet, but dont I owe her understanding, when she has shown me so much herself?

Im a very ”touchy feely” person, highly emotional, very loyal, always trying to be as good as I can be tords my friends, and I knew she had something, and I feared the worst, but I just dident quite realise that she could be having MS.

Life gives you alot of fantastic days and alot of heartaces, this is one of them. But when I think back, to us walking inside Copenhagen, drinking shush ice, the weather just perfect. I get that fantastic day all over again, she is one of my best friends, and I will always support her, no mather what life tosses our way.


I guess, this post was more like a sort of diary for me, and kinda some strange way to praise my friend. To say thank you for all the awesome times, and to tell her, that there will be alot more of them.


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