A pitter patter of little paws

My little boy Sammi


Sammi is excatly 17 weeks old now, and is really getting used to living with me, in my apartment. He is almost completely house broken, its only a mather of time really, he has been very easy to train so far. Rarely he has an accident inside, but its not really that often anymore. I trained him to do the command ”up”, so he stands on his hind legs, its kinda cute! He knows sit by now, and comes when I call his name, and stays when ever I tell him to stay. He dosent walk with a leash, I havent had the need for it yet, but it might come? -Who knows! My family abselutely adores him, and treast him like he was a little child, especially my mom.. 😀 I do my best at teaching him, how to be a propper dog, no. I try to get him to say hello to most dogs, especially the bigger ones, cause I dont want him to be afraid of them. Little dogs, can easily get spooked when a bigger dog approches, and I dont want Sammi to be nervous. Thats why I spend alot of time with my parrents two dogs, a Border collie named Molly, and a Golden Retriver named Ozzie. He loves the both of them, and isent scared at all, and those are fairly big dogs. Thats a perfect sign of a healthy and happy dog, with a good temper! Even though Sammi is a Yorkshire Terrier, and their known for their excessive barking, I never had that problem with him. He dosent say that much, and when he does, its when he plays with other dogs, wich I find perfectly fine.

A Yorkie has always been my dream dog, so getting him was a dream come true! 🙂 Many might think that the yorkie is just a tiny  and boring lap dog, but being a Terrier, their very active and fun, they always figure out how to make you smile! The Yorkie was originally from England, bred to hunt rats, mice and other small rodents, that makes this dog a hunting type of dog. This breed do not shed at all, and can be in a weavy long coat, that is mostly used for dog shows, or they can be trimmed down and have a short fluffy coat (wich I adore the most), their great companions, cause they adapt very well into any house hold, no matter the size, they do not need tons of room to be happy, the only thing about the Yorkie to seriously consider is, that its not a dog for small children! This breed has very small and fragile bones, and little thin legs, that makes it very easy for a small child, to accidently hurt the dog, by picking it up and dropping it. A Yorkie is a dog that needs boundaries, and a strong leader, cause a Yorkie has a strong will, and will take over, if their master isent dominant enough, but its no major power struggle, just letting it know, what to do and not to do. You will 100% get further with praise, but not praise alone. Make sure to let it know who is pack leader, and who is follower, and you will have an obedient and fantastic little dog, that will love you forever. This dog might seem small, but its great at protecting its own household, its a dog who sences its owners mood, and if it sence frustration, it will do its best to protect you. A Yorkie is a dog who is very dependent of their owner, follows them in thick and thin – even at 2:00 in the night, when you need to use the bathroom… Belive me! 🙂

This little guy and I, spend alot of time together every day. I think getting him was the best thing I could have done ever! Thank you to the breeder Vivian. ❤

Just to prove my point, a Yorkie follows you everywhere!


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