A hard days work

Today we met up at my place!

After yesterdays advice our teacher gave us, we took the Workwear.dk website to a whole other level. We did a SWOT analysis, and found out the companys strengths and weaknesses. The website had no slogan, and a slogan is very needed on a website like this. Its catchy and makes people remember the site. Yesterday we asked workers about the clothes they wore, why and where they bought it. The anwsers were pretty much the same:

They got it delivered from their firm, from the ”Volvo Renault” and some got from ”Gunnar Due”.

We compared alot of different sites, that sold workwear, with this excat one, and we got a view of what the site was missing besides a good slogan, it needs abit of roughness, so people know what site they clicked themself into, some metal or something in the background, and people would know excatly that this is for the craftman, and with the slogan, they would know what the whole site was about.

Pictures of our SWOT analysis will be up and running later today.


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