Workwears website

Day two, Tuesday:

Today we started creating a photoshop made picture of the front page of, so we have something visable to show for our presentation on Friday, we also made our search optimation words for him to read into, so whenever a future costumer went on google, and wrote anything, it would be his site who came up, and his site who did the sale. Then we took another look at the page, to see if we had overlooked anything. Under login, there was a strange shadowey thing, that looked like a ”dent” on the website, that dident look all that appealing, but it was a very small thing. Then the ”Welcome to Charhartt workwear” line, before the login, that one was not needed, cause in the frontpage picture, it also said ”charhartt” and the font was really tiny on the one sentence written, we decided on a slogan for the website, that needed to stand right after the logo, with almost same type of font, and a propper size, so people knew where they were and what the site was selling.

The slogan ideas for the website: Stirdy clothes for hardworking men, Clothes for a craftsman, Craftmans wear, Clothes that endure your work. Well lets say the list went on and on, and we couldent really decide propperly, so we wanted to let it lie abit, and see tomorrow if we had any better ones. This slogan was also going in the search optimation words, wich is kinda important to mention, cause this way, if people remembers the slogan, and forgot the www adress on the site itself, they could find it easily by writing the slogan in the search barr.

The search words we wanted to put on the website, just a few of them: craftsman working clothes, Suppliers of work clothes, durable clothing, sturdy clothes and resilient workwear. The list was abit long, so we just wrote a few down in here, so you got the idea.

The picture itself of the website is on our work table, and is viewable tomorrow. This is a pretty good exorcise for the brain, of remembering what we were taught by our teachers, about optimizing your search words, remembering the advice we got ourself about how to make a propper page that was informative and easy to spot what it was about for the viewer. (Also called the 3 second rule)


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