A new assignment!

Day one! The pitch from Jesper Nygaard Ditlefsen:

Yesterday we were given a new and very intresting assignment, one where we have to  look at a website from Workwear.dk, for the firm Charhartt, and tell them, what was missing, how they could brand themself better, how to optimate their views on their page and how to sell more from their online sale. This one really intreagued me.

So the guys and I started with looking at the website, see how many key words they have, when people search for their website and was talking about the people they wanted to sell to. The people they wanted to sell this clothes to, was small firms, and also regular people, wich threw us a little. The website, had a scroll barr on their front page, wich was sometimes confusing for a costumer, unless you made it very clear that you can scroll, but it wasent. Their search words for the website was only four words, wich was very few, for a website that was used for sales.

We used one of our methods from school, brainstorming. We brainstormed words for the firm, and their clothes they sold and most importantly, the website they needed and wanted in the future. This is what we got:

Masculine, rough, clean cut, professional, recognizable, Nordic inspired design, 3 second rule (This is when you look at the website, you know excatly what it is your looking at), slogan, a Chahartt name to let people know that its their firm, who is selling from workwear.dk, search optimation (He needed more search words out there!).

Then we started to look at how we were to make this possible. First we took the search optimation, we would let him know, that by writing more search words on his website, people would be easier to lure into their website, and there by they would increase their sales more. Then we looked at our other words. Masculine, he alredy captured on the website, rough too, clean cut it wasent completely. The site needed a bit of tewaking, Lets say, his menu bar was awesome, so was the header and his logo. But they needed a slogan badly, to see where you were landed, if you just accidently pressed this on google, to see what it was. It needs to loose the scroll bar, and we will do that by removing abit of the picture, and adjusting it to left or right side, and putting up all the things under the picture, that was hiding under the scroll barr. The search barr, had a very wrong place, it was right in the menu and buttons, and it needs to go up under the ”Login” feature they have, and it will be perfect. At every other site, we were wanting to make cahartt more visable, so we wanted to have their logo somewhere on all the pages, so people knew, that the workwear site, was made by these guys, and not anyone else.


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