Another day of cleaning

Again… Really?!

Having your own place, also makes your day a little bit busier than normal.. The joy of waking up whenever you feel like, gets replaced by the sighs of looking at the toilet seat, or the sinks, thinking ”Damn my mom is a patient woman!” Or scrubbing the floors, with Sammi, my 15 week old puppy, running around, playing tugg-a-war with the mop! Good fun, untill he tips over the bucket, and gets all wet.. He is a good boy though, and every day, he gets a little bit more active, finding out new things to make mommy say ”Nooo, Sammi, dont do that, here take your chew-toy!” But okay, between two big loads of laundry, and cleaning the floors in the whole apartment, the little guy caved in and took a nap, look at this adorable picture I snapped of him! He is in desperate need of more toys though, a ball, something small he can throw around, cause he steals everything thats small at the moment, and tosses it around the livingroom, to my big amusement. Now he found a nosedrop lid, so I gotta go take that away from him, before he swallows it.. And ten seconds after, he hijacked an orange, and used it as a ball.. Okay, that was kinda hilarious.. 😀 A very good way to get a puppy tired, give ham an orange, and make him chase it as a ball.. (This is why he needs more toys!) But I think im gonna ask my dad to drive me to the mall, so we can get him some more intresting toys. 😉 He dident touch our clean laundry, thats a huge plus! He actually left it alone, and played with his chew-toy all day.. *Go Sammi!* Uhm… Now im gonna go take that orange away from him.. 😛


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