What a day!

Washing day..

Ive been feeling really bad lately, having throat pain, and I have swollen tonsils. Its just typical me, when the weather acts up, wich is does right now.. I think its about – 8 degrees outsite at day time, and in the evening its even worse, and the worst day, I got it to – 11 degrees. But besides trying to stay warm, drink hot coco and trying to sleep, but couldent, cause of my one neighbours excessive drilling and hammering. *sigh* I think he is redecorating, and it carried on from 8:00 till late afternoon. Me and the washing machine havent been the best of friends, I dident really know the machine that well, but after figuring out how to turn the damn thing on, I did two washes, and it went kinda awesome. Finally I can get our clothes washed, its awesome! Now I hung all our clothes up in the bathroom, looks intresting.. My puppy Sammi stole one of our socks, so I dident dare to leav any clothes in ”puppy hight”, he thinks its fantastic to run around with clean clothes. 😀 Then I trimmed Sammi abit, cause he looked strange, with his coat all shaggy. He dident really like it at first, but he came around, and in the end he stood still and it only took a minute or two. He looks much better now, and his coat is perfect. 🙂 So my day was kinda full, but its nice being busy sometimes.


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