What a busy day…

It started too early, and ended too late!

Oh well, the day before, I had a creative moment, in the wee hours, so I stayed up till 5:00 in the morning, yea I know… Pretty bad choise, but I was working on my portfolio website for my school project, and I kinda have a thing about stuff like that, it needs to be done propperly. So when I got all creative I almost pulled an all nighter. I woke up at 12:00 all smashed from staying up till 5:00 and decided it was best to get up. Then I went home to my parrents, and talked abit with my sister about my portfolio website, and uploaded it on my domain, we got everything to work out quite nice in the end, even though FileZilla gave me a really hard time! I am not uploading anything without FileZilla, its just retarded, cause it goes alot faster than using one.com’s own uploader… Thats downright sad! Buut anyway, it got uploaded and it works now, even though theres small things I want fixed, but I guess you never seem to be done with your website, its just how it is, cause when you want it perfect, there is alot of things that needs to be arranged perfectly. After that, my sister made an awesome chocolate cake, and then she had to go meet some friends. My mom, dad and I then went to IKEA and ran around, trying to find everything I needed for my apartment, wich is QUITE annoying.. IKEA is like a freaking maze! I hate it, but I love the cheap prices, so I sucked it up, and went there anyway. It kinda got so late, that I decided to grab some pasta at their restaurant, cause ofcourse I was starved, due to not eating a single meal, good job.. But running around there, I atleast got alot of things I really needed, and now I can finally get things in order around the apartment. *Jumps up and down cheering* Its a great thing to finally be done with the place, and only to need abit done, that you can do when you have a minute to spare. When I got home, my fiancé had some guys over, and they had a great time, so did I! And the clock was about 2:00 before they went home! Woah, the time just flew.. But that meant THIS evening, I am going to bed at 5:00 AGAIN, what a truly shitty thing.. *Yawn* I can really feel how tired I am..

This is some pics of what I bought in IKEA, a little serving table, mostly to get more space in our kitchen, so that baby will be as an extra little table for us. Two screens for my livingroom lamps, in black yes, cause my leather sofa is all white, so thats a no go. A kitchen appliance ”holder”, well to hold all my kitchen stuff, towels and such things. A bag for our clothes that needs to be washed, pots for flowers and yea I also bought flowers for the apartment, some cute purple ones. Last but not least, ALOT of hangers, bought like four packs with eight hangers in each pack.. I really just needed them, and their awesome looking. In my walk-in closet, I have a big wide space where I can put up hangers, and I kinda wanted all of them, looking the same way, so it got to be these, in white.


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