Should he cook?

I love my fiancé, but…

He is not the most skilled chef, thats even to say it nicely. He manages to scare me every time he wants to help me out in the kitchen, and I know he really means well, and probably wants to spare me another day of cooking, but it scares the be-jesus outta me! Today, he took out all the meat in the freezer, to and I quote ”cook”, just that stunt, made me take over the cooking, and think ”Oh hell no!”, its easy at our home, I cook, he does the dishes. He dosent have the patience for cooking, he is clever though, just for alot of other things than cooking. He plays the guitar, and he just started in this new year, and he alredy knows how to play alot of songs, and he can repair a computer, just give him spare parts, then its done. He can set up a internet router and everything, he is a great handy man – when he has the patience for it! But its not always the case. 😉 I love him to bits, but in a kitchen, that is where I rule. Im not perfect, and I am practicing every day, im bound to get better at some point!


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