My website is uploaded!

My website for my future portfolio is now up and running, but its not completely done, im trying my best to get the whole site done, and now everything is done but my gallery, wich isent majorly important right now, it just shows your current Photoshop skills or drawing skills, and in my case, my photography! I love to take pictures, and do it as often as I can, and thats why I wanted a gallery page, to show my creativity. Btw this pic is borrowed from deviantart, I found it quite funny. 😉 But I managed to get most of my sites working and their almost done now. My contact site needs a picture, cause I have pictures on most of my pages. BUT atleast its up and running! So here it is, take a look, tell me what you guys think! 🙂 It will make it easier in the future, when im designing websites!


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