What an amazing day!

I had a really good day today!

Okay, picture this.. Me making lasagna with my BEST girl and our guys are sitting in the livingroom, looking at geeky stuff by the pc. They even bought Alex and I a ”moving in present”! Actually ”presents”.. They gave us these beautiful lamps, that we now have on our livingroom table, looking all pretty, its awesome, cause they really match the table, and our wallpaper we just put up! They also bought us a cowparade doormat, in green, with a BIG cow and lucky green clovers on! Its kinda funny, cause our front door, is green too! God its amazing, I love it! We dident even have a doormat, so it was just perfect that she got me one, and I think its such a hilarious print, you guys gotta see it, so I decided to take a picture of it, and of my pretty lamps. 😀 Its really bad though, could have been alot better, im sorry, but im too tired at the moment, to go all serious photographer on you guys tonight. 🙂 Atleast I managed to snap a pic, before I mellowed all out on the couch, wohoo for me!

This is our awesome cow-clover go lucky doormat! ❤ LOVE IT!

This is our two lamps, standing on our livingroom table! So cute..

Im glad to have those two friends in my life, they always seem to cheer me up! I have few but very close friends, and I only have two girlfriends, Line and Karina – and I love them both very much, their amazing. Today was just what I needed, a great dinner, alot of nice dessert, almost too much actually! 🙂 My mom made us an apple cake, not a pie, but a cake that my dad brought over and Alex bought us ice cream dessert, damn we had too much dessert.. Haha!

So… Now I wanna watch some TV with my fiancé, and go to sleep. 😉


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