YES! Finally I can say it…

I moved out, in my own place, with my amazing fiancé, and it feels amazing!

My parrents helped us carry all the heavy furniture, and today we are done with everything, we just miss a couple of pictures up on the walls, and so on, but its gonna look perfect! Our livingroom is HUGE, our whole place is a two room, 66m2, plus a balcony that is very roomy, that im gonna have alot of flowers on, awww… And its ours! No rental, a but owners. We have been real lucky to get a place this cheap, and its perfect for us to be completely honest. The market has gone way down, and the bank that manage our loans and such, has told us that it is the cheapest he has ever seen. So I guess we got a pretty sweet deal! 🙂 So my weekend went with moving in, cleaning everywhere, putting up my beloved books, and I have an awesome looking make-up table, that I put all my very needed girl stuff in. 😉 At first my parrents hated that make-up table, but when it got washed and put on its place, my mom sorta fell in love with it. I found it online, at dba.dk where someone was selling it, and I bought it for 500 DKK, its a pretty fair price. That one I can show you guys another day. Now im gonna go eat at my parrents place, a sorta goodbye dinner I guess. 🙂

So tonight I can sleep in my own place, in my own bed and in my own sheets. ❤



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