Apartment snapshots!

Here is abit of pictures I took today, when we moved some of our stuff in our new place, mostly things for the livingroom and the kitchen! God I love my new kitchen, take a look guys, I think im in love with it – It looks perfect! 🙂


The bedroom is the room with the two blue lamps in.. Its Japanese lamps, and I inherited them from my grandmother, wich I miss very much. She had a full and great life though, and when she passed away she was 94 years old, its an amazing age, and I were blessed to have had her in my life, she had a huge impact on me. – Love you grams, and I miss you.. I inherited alot of her things, wich I treasure very much. Like that blue glass bowl I on my dining table, in the picture of the livingroom. Alot of the stuff I have in the apartment is hers, and it reminds me of all the good times I spend with her. Family is important to me.


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