Another page made!

There, I did it!

I had a huge creative blockage making my portfolio website, and I finally got past it! Now I made my ”About me” page, and Im almost done making my site, this is a very nice break through for me, cause I havent made much after new years on this page, cause I needed space to think about my website, and air out some ideas.. This is how I am gonna get food on the table in the future, so its gotta be good. But I belive it worked out quite well, and im really pleased with the result. I now have: A front page, my portfolio page and my about me page. So thats in all three, and I wanted this perfect, so it took me ages of planning and designing, to get my about me site perfect. But I belive its great now.. 😀 And here is a picture of the outcome, that I worked so hard on, and I belive will intrest the viewers much, to stay on my website.

And yeaah, its all in danish, but I want to work in Denmark, so its most common to have the writing in danish, sorry! But I can translate it if you guys are intrested.. Just comment this post, and I will do my very best to write a suiting translation.. What do you guys think? 🙂 I choose to have a ”Back” button, in the simple reasoning, it looks more simple and I belive its prettier that way! Having a huge menu bar, isent my taste really. It makes the side more open and has alot of wide open spaces, wich makes it more easy to read, cause it draws the eyes the right places.


3 thoughts on “Another page made!

  1. This is great,really 🙂
    Ermm, I have a suggestion. Like the border you’ve put on the down right side of the page, put another one opposite to it- right above your picture. You’d have to realign the entire page, but it would be worth it 🙂
    BTW, liked the ‘Om mig’ font 😀

    • The font is one i downloaded from ”Dafont” 🙂 And yeah.. Its like a ”hand written” font, and its awesome..

      Om mig – means about me in danish.. XD Kinda funny to see you writing it! Haha..

      Maybe your right with the corners, ill try to make a ”try out” page, and see how it works out, maybe it gets to be too much? Hmm… No idea..

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