Portfolio website facts

My website info:

Well guys, on my portfolio website that I have to make for my school assignment,  I need to have some facts about me, and this is an idea that I come upon standing in the shower… Yea… Strange, but true none the less.. 😀 Well this is what I came up with, on my page who needs to be about me, I would write something like ”What makes me a valued employee”, and this is kinda what I am writing on my page:

To be trustworthy and reach your deadlines.

To understand your opposite, not fear them.

Not only to be heard, but to hear what others have to say.

Just a few phrases about my work moral, and something that makes my website abit different from some other sites, where people are looking for jobs.

The concept:

To make a creative and catchy website, that makes the viewer intrested in seeing more, and knowing more about me. I have used a Photoshop brush to make the site look more like a canvas, that gives the site a more artsy look, and makes it more creative. I used pro pictures, that a guy named Thomas took of me, to give the site a more serious look, so it dosent get too artsy and unserious. The pictures also put an edge to the whole site. The colours are grey and a very light purple, colours that I love personally. This gives my site personality and edge.


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