An old story..

The horseback riding days

My back aches after all the painting we had to do lately, and since ive been a little girl, I had alot of back problems. A guy from wordpress asked me why my back hurt that much, and I realised that I forgot to write abit about my past in here, so here goes! I had a horse, when I was younger, I think about 13 or 14 I got him. He got spooked by a scooter one day when I was out in the woods, the guy apparently thought it was fun driving up behind us, honking his horn… So my horse ran off, and I tried to get him under control, but he just ran. We came to a turn with a lake on one side, and a very deep ditch on the other side. It was a very narrow turn, and my horse almost fell in the lake, I tried to support him by the reins and by moving my weight to the other side. He was a very clever horse, and got what I tried to do, and sorta did a jump, to get out of the ditch to the lake side, and up we went. And off I went… My balance got ruined when he jumped, I just dident expect it.. I got thrown up over his head, and landed hard on the ground, head and arms took the worst of the fall. But I realised that I was in front of the horse, who was still in motion, and I looked up, and he jumped over me, but his two back hoofs hit my back, and threw me into the deep ditch, where I hit a huge road side stone, and cracked my riding helmet. I sorta passed out after that fall, and dident know for how long excatly, but an old man woke me up, asking me if I were okay. He had probably seen my horse, without a rider, and then looked for me, im kinda glad he did. My horse ran back to the little farm I had him stabled in, and he was all fine, nothing happend to him, and I let him rest a couple of days after that ride..

This pic I borrowed from Deviantart, captured by a guy called JoRdyKiNs in there, this looks excatly how my old horse looked like. My horse was named Chano, a great horse, just abit hot tempered. He was an arabian mixed horse, in a palomino color as you see on this picture. A truely beautiful boy, and very too clever. He had an iron will, and followed his own mind. 🙂

And in the present time…

My back has given me trouble ever since, and my spine has moved a bit to the right, so my back tends to hurt alot whenever I do something im not used to.. Like painting the entire apartment! My fiancé and I had to do it all by ourself, no one but my mom and dad helped us, and they even just helped us abit.. My dad with the wallpaper, he put it up, and it looks great! My mom by washing down the kitchen cabinets, and they shine! But we have been on our own with everything else, and that makes it very bad for my back… Im actually abit dissapointed, I hoped I had some friends to back me up abit, and help out, cause they know about my back, and yet they dident help. I guess thats what life is like sometimes, and some people makes alot of promises, but very few keeps them.


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