My sisters 21st birthday!

Time is passing by fast!

We had a huge party for my sister this weekend, and the 7th of January, she had alot of her friends over, and my friends, and we had way too much to drink (or some of us had) 😉 and then we got picked up by a bus, and this bus transported us to a club inside of copenhagen, where she had her birthday, it was a blast, and everyone enjoyed themself! I normally never drink (Im a buddhist) but I did drink some that night, I had more than I normally do, but I did not get drunk out of my mind, thats truly not like me. We celebrated my sister in this club till the crack of dawn, and wished her happy birthday when people went home, (the 8th of January she turned 21 so thats why) 😀 It was an awesome night. The 8th of January (Sunday evening) we went to eat at a resturant, where she loves their sushi.. Lucky for me and my fiancé, there isent only sushi. 😉 Haha! Im not a big fan of sushi, its okay, and tastes fine, but thats it. So here is some pictures from this weekend, hope you will enjoy them as much as I do!


The few pictures I got from the club called ”Miss Nielsen”, we do have more, but I dident recive them from the other party people.. TYPICAL! 😀 This is from one of the three tables at the club we went to, really awesome! And the second picture is my sisters friend Daniel, being abit drunk. 😉 Fun times.


This is from the resturant we ate at the 8th of January, first picture is of my dad and my fiancé, I told my dad ”You and your son-in-law looks awesome, SMILE” – and they kinda laughed. The second picture I snapped was of the drink, I was amazed by the size of it, damn! I ordred a reg coke! I could have drowned in that one haha.. The resturant is called Mediterraneo by the way. 🙂


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