The apartment!

The apartment part one!

Steaming off wallpaper, is one of the things I hate the most right now I think! The former owner, just ripped the wires out from the walls when she moved, and now im stuch with steaming off three layers of old and disgusting wallpaper down… Great! My fiancé has been helping out alot, and took the whole wallpaper thing pretty nice. After one day, we were done, and the wallpaper was off, and left was this ugly concrete wall, urgh!

Wanna see the new walk-in closet?! Well I of course snapped a few pictures of it. We just got it painted all white, and the closet will be trashed when ever we got the money for a brand new one, but for now, it works perfectly fine! The metal thing you see on the one picture, is inserted into the sealing, this is for hangers, and will hold all our jackets, my dresses and my fiancés nice shirts.

We worked so hard on this place to get it done fast. We painted the bedroom, living room and the kitchen in less than a week, and we are talking about sealings, walls and all the window frames too! Im telling you its tough, only two people, and we are having to put up new wallpaper too. It will be done in next week, we hope. We just want to be ready to move in soon.


4 thoughts on “The apartment!

    • We were lucky, we could practically pick it off ourself.. The one wall there is steamed off, and we will get some japanese cherry blossom wallpaper up. That will look pretty nice. 🙂

      But still, steaming wallpaper down truly sucks, and I never wanna do that ever again! Damn alot of hard work, and it was saw dust wallpaper we had to take down, what a mess all over the floors…

  1. I find putting up the wallpaper a more tiring job than taking it off, but well, taking it off must be an equally tiring job too 🙂
    The closet looks perfect. I don’t think you’d have to think of buying a new one for at least a few years 🙂

    • Thanks.. 😀

      Well it was sawdust wallpaper, so it made quite a huge mess… :/
      There was sawdust everywhere, and when sawdust gets wet, then it sticks to everything, GAH we had alot of trouble… But off it went, and yesterday we actually got it all up on the wall, with no accidents. 😉 Wohoo..

      Looks quite good, gonna have to make an update on that soon.. Then you can see how far we got. 😉 Its quite awesome to have a time line!

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