Website look

I finally created it!

My new portfolio website is getting created, and my front page is made now. Not all the links are there, just two main buttons called ”About me” and ”Portfolio” – there is gonna be some more, ”CV” and ”Contact” of course. But my assignment was to create a portfolio site, that I took a big intrest in how to look, why and what group of people to make this site for. I took it to a very creative level! I used some brushes to make a corner in the right side of the front page, to get peoples attention, be different and artsy. I put a picture of myself up on the front page, cause customers wanna get to know the person that is selling the site, and I choose a picture of myself who gives you direct eye contact, cause that sells even more.

This is the final result of the website, minus the last two buttons that I kinda miss, but dont have the time to make right now, due to me moving. The buttons are made in photoshop, I wanted a creative, girly and grown up feel to it, so the colours ate toned down, and not too bright. I made the buttons with drop shadow and a belvel, also in photoshop, to get more focus on the buttons, so people wanted to click them. I would love peoples ideas and views on the layout, so bring it! 😀


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