What did I get?

A present list!

Well.. Me and my fiancé are moving out the 2nd of January, so we wished for stuff for the apartment, and we got alot more than we ever imagined us!

Picture no. 1:

I wished very much for a warm cozy sweater, and I got it! An awesome one from H&M, and its really warm! This one dosent itch, alot of knitted sweaters do, but this is just amazing. Really love it. From: Mom & dad!

Picture no. 2

This one is very special! Its ”Herstal” candle holders, and very creative ones, in glass, that you can put anything you want in! It allows you to be crreative, and style these babies all by yourself! From: My littlesister!

Picture no. 3

If you like to cook, this is the right pan for you! I love Jamie Olivers pans, and this one is just amazing. It shows when it has the perfect temperature, and the handle dosent get warm when you cook, it just stays cold! From: My littlesister!

Picture no. 4

Two tickets for the movies, with popcorn and soda included, how awesome is that? This is just for me and Alex, so we can go and have a romantic evening out, and just relax in eachothers company. From: My bigsister!

Picture no. 5

The most soft bathmat in the world! I have been looking at this baby for months, thinking about weather to buy it or not, but well they beat me to it, and got us this for christmas, and I love it! From: Mom & dad!

Picture no. 6

Most of this is acutally for Alex, a really nice shaver, some deodorant from Nivea and some shaving cream. For both of us, there is a dish and cutlery dryer, some mesuring gear for my obsessive cake baking days, and hair shampoo and conditiner from Elida, plus a nice body lotion from Dove. From: Mom & dad!

Picture no. 7

The very towels we wished for, and even in the colours that I always wanted! God people really do listen to me whenever i talk, cant even remember when I said this to them, but their amazing, and so soft! From: Mom & dad!

Picture no. 8

This is actually a present I won in a game we have alot here in denmark, dont know if anyone else know it, cause I never really talked of it with anyone else but danish people. But its called ”The present game” – Hit 6, get a present, untill there is no more on the table, after that you set the timer, and you can steal eachothers presents, by hitting a 6’er, and I love this game, its quite fun!

Picture no. 9

These are the two Twilight movies for my little but growing twilight collection! I love them, and it was a really thoughtful gift. I got these with some candy, but I ate that alredy while I watched these dvd’s. From: My friend Line!

Gifts that aint pictured

I got some amazing underwear from my friend Karina, but I am not posting it in here, I am in that belief, that my underwear is personal. 😉 So that is for my eyes only.. And okay, Alex too of course! But I love it and it is beautiful, and fits me perfectly! I got yet another sweater, but I dident get a picture of that one yet. It is grey and my parents actually gave me this one too, and its amazing! I also got a kitchen weight from Oriflame, dident know they made that kinda stuff! But apparently, they do, and its really awesome, that one I got from my dads side of the family.

A heartfelt thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all my presents.


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