My happy list!

Im so happy!

Uhm.. Why?


”Being truly who you are, makes you the most brave person in the world”

Sometimes im just strange, and this is one of these days.. Im just happy today, im all over the place, and I cant keep myself calm, im crazy happy, its kinda scary.. Do you know that feeling you used to get when you were a kid? The annoyingly happy state you were in? Well thats kinda me today, and I have no idea why excatly.. Could be one of many reasons I guess?

1st Im moving out, thats amazing, cause then its just me and my fiancé, on our own, just us.

2nd I got my big Louis Vuitton bag sold, so I have more money now.

3rd Im getting that dog I wanted so badly, so the apartment isent all empty.

4th I have a great and understanding fiancé, who loves me for who I am.

5th Im having a small christmas with my parrents, my sister and fiancé, I love that.

6th I got my black dress from H&M home! It fits me perfect, and looks awesome!

7th I started running, and now my muscles finally stopped being sore.


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