Decisions, decisions…

Im trying to get everything in order till I move out with my fiancé, and one thing I really want to have with me when I move, is a dog. Im just used to dogs, I had dogs my whole childhood, and I really dont wanna be without. So im prioritizing things in my life, to get a dog. I decided to sell alot of my old fashion bags, mostly Louis Vuitton bags, to a fairly cheap price might I add.. Its a pretty sad goodbye to those awesome bags, but I guess having a dog is more important for me. For one, it makes me feel safe. Having someone to watch my home while im not there, or sleeping is very comforting. I love to run, and I usually run with my dads dog (He is mine but due to old age,im not taking him with me) I need a dog all of a sudden to run with, something about having a dog beside you when you run, makes you forget the burning sensation in your legs and makes you go that extra mile. A dog is an amazing friend and great to snuggle up with, that I truly want in the evenings, and I would miss it so much if I dident have that anymore. Ozzie (My old dog), got me out of my bed in the mornings, its just an important push sometimes, when your just plain tired and lazy. Its worth it!

So now, im selling my beloved bags, but looking forward to having a little ”baby” running around in the apartment. I might have found one, but Im not sure yet.


One thought on “Prioritizing..

  1. Having a pet around the house is definitely a blessing! I used to have a dog as a little kid but we haven’t had one around in ages. I’m hoping we get one for Christmas. It would be a great addition to the family! 🙂

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