Today I made delicious lunch

I love chicken, pasta and pesto! So that is what I whipped up today, with some cucumbers and cheese. I love cooking, and im quite okay at it to be completely honest. When Alex and I move to our own place, I will be doing most of the cooking, and I really dont mind that. It makes me feel useful, creative and very content when I cook. I adore to see people eat the dishes I cook. I try as best as I can to make healthy and nutritious food, thats really important for me, I dont want to be that huge percentage of young and overweight people, who dosent care what they eat, cause they dont think it mathers, but it really does! I eat to live, I dont live to eat, but when you eat, it needs to taste great, and look great, of course! No one wants to eat down right boring food, especially not me!

With love



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