I started jogging!

Borrowed from Deviantart.com

Trying to keep myself healthy,

I decided to start jogging!

Some people say its so amazing to just jog, well I kinda hate it! I huff and puff like an old man, looking silly and my heart is racing like there is no tomorrow. I do it for keeping my body healthy, nothing else, belive me. Maybe I will learn to love it, when my throat dosent burn, and my legs dont ace? Who knows really.. I just do know, that this kinda sport is painful at first. After my morning trip out at 6:50 I decided to take some sit ups. That isent all that bad. I dont mind to exercise, but I am a lazy creature, and I always will be. *Smirks* My way of a good day, is to relax with my pc, post something in my blog, watch TV, go out with friends and so on. But I will keep this jogging up, twice a day, I will go for a quick run, and do some push-ups and sit-ups. Its best for me, and best for my body – an active human being, is a healthy and long living human being.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays, I started the day early, (6:30) So I feel like I have a longer day. I always feel like that when ever I do this. I am not a ”morning person” not at all actually. I suck at getting up, but im always on time, I hate to be late, no mather what the appointment might be. Its just so rude..

Good morning everyone! 🙂


3 thoughts on “I started jogging!

  1. A really good way of starting your day. I’m quite the opposite 🙂
    I usually work out in the evening. Exercising in the morning tires me up and I then feel sleepy the entire day 😀

    As far as what relaxes me, ermm I think music does. And a good time with friends is always wonderful 🙂

    • Working out is never relaxing!
      But knowing that you have worked out, makes it feel, better somehow. I feel content when I worked out, without being too obsessed about loosing weight, I just want to stay the weight I have now, so I can stay healthy, and completely normal. 🙂

      Music and running is awesome actually! Makes you think of something else, just for a while, and makes you go a little further when you run.

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