God bless the winter

(Yep, these pictures are of me, sorry for looking tired!)

How I just love the winter time!

I can put on knitted gloves, drink alot of coco, lie under the covers till noon, sleep in and just dont worry about anything, cause I have christmas vecation. Put on oversized shirts, wear my giant boots, stay inside and watch movies all day, make a fire in the fireplace, read alot of books and pamper myself with fatty food, cause its okay to some high fat food, when its cold outside.

Everyone says winter is terrible, but I kinda like it, you can get away with almost anything: Being tired, sleeping in and eating food you normally just dont eat. Winter is the ultimate time of year, to just toss out alot fo excuses! *Wohoo*

3 thoughts on “God bless the winter

  1. I loov wintaz too. 😉
    The most amazing thing about winters is the fact that we have a lot of BBQs. The food is simply scrumptious and well, the get-togethers are simply worth it. Enjoyable affairs you know.

    Importantly, the black sleeveless sweaters and skin tight jeans and the sexy pullovers. I love winters cuz I can dress up my way 🙂

    Another thing. You look cayuttee in the pictures 🙂

    • Oh .. lol thx for all the praise.. 😀

      Knittet shirts, their so cute, love em! I think Im addicted to knitted clothes, haha! Christmas / winter, is one of the best times of year.. January is hard to get through, cause theres no holiday cheer, but December just flys away, I love that. 🙂

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