Main actors: Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins

Abduction is an amazing movie, where the ”Twilight hottie” Jacob, now is another kind of hero. Taylor is the perfect actor for this movie, as a young teenage boy, who all of a sudden has bigger secrets, than a chrush on a girl in his school, (Lily Collins). The movie is filled with action, love and secrets wich is getting revealed through out the movie. The plot is pretty simple, but yet very well played. Taylor is again playing a role of hero, and protector, as in Twilight. If you liked his preformance in Twilight, you will simply love this movie. The movie isent an all girls movie though, so the guys wouldent get too bored. There is many amazing fight scenes in it, and alot of action. Definitley worth a look!


3 thoughts on “Abduction

  1. Taylor did an amazing job in the Twilight series, and I think Abduction would be worth watching it 🙂
    I was also completing some reviews on the movies I had watched in the last few months. Would post them soon 🙂

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