Cooking up a storm!

Its awesome to cook!

I cooked for my family today and I dident even get a picture snapped of it, bummer… I made lasagna, with bread and veggies (on the side of course), and then I made dessert too.. Chocolate brownies, with a chocolate glaze, yum! I kinda love cooking, its exiting and sometimes very giving. People get happy when you cook for them, and the fact that I made someone happy, makes it all worth it. I might try some cupcakes soon, but I never really made any before, its gonna be exiting to see how much I will ruin them. 😉 Ah okay, brownies are harder to make I heard, they need to be baked juuust right, else its just a ordinary cake, and well, I do love brownies for their stickyness. – A messy cake is a good cake! 😀 What is your favorite cake / dessert to make? Do share a recipe!

You can never get enough recipes…


2 thoughts on “Cooking up a storm!

    • Woops… 😀 Sorry!

      Well, make sure to post a blog with pictures, difficulty of it and a recipe! 🙂 Its always nice to learn new ones, and well if you dont, life gets pretty boring imo.. 🙂

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