Dislike list

My dislikes of the week:

This is made almost every week, to update something annoying that might have happend to me, or someone else. Its awesome to kinda let out some steam sometimes, so this is how I do. I write it down, thats my way of dealing with it.

1) Lazy people. You know the feeling of someone taking advantage of you? That simply sucks! 2) Greedy people. When you give and give, and they just still want more! What the hell is up with the prhase ”Enough is enough”?! 3) Liars. Pathetic, thats what it is. To lie is a sign of weakness, and I just plain hate that, be honest, its easier, sometimes it might hurt, but atleast your honest! 4) Faith-freaks. Why belive in something so bad, that you offend other peoples beliefs, or even make them feel less, when they dont belive themself? BAD people do that, not holy people. 5) Spoiled people. Its okay to be spoiled, but when it gets to a degree where they dont know when to just stuff it and say ”thank you” it gets really upsetting, what the hell are you thinking of? Thats just really shitty…

The way of living is different from person to person, but its the way you act tords other people that means alot. It can make them happy, sad or even make them feel helpless and alone. Being kind is such a small thing, that means so much to someone else. I try every day to be a better person, cause I want to be remembered as a kind and loving person. Its all about the foot prints you leave.


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