Bingo night!

Wednesday was bingo night!

I tagged along for the evening, when my littlesisters work, held a bingo night for all their employees, and their friends and family. We had Glögg, soda, danish christmas treats and alot of candy that night, all in all, we had a lovely evening. Last year we were so damn unlucky! We won nothing at all, but we were quite lucky this year! But only with the China lottery, not the bingo itself. The ”China lottery” aka (the coloured little pieces of papers lying on the table), we won alot of things with! My mom won half a pig, thats four kilos of meat! *Faints* My littlesister won alot of alcohol, wich she actually needs for her 21st birthday party, so that was amazing! All of us sitting next to the winners, got gifts too.. And well, might I add, it was alot of things… I got three towels, a realy cozy hoodie from Stimorol (Chewing gum), a pretty dark brown hair colour, three Kellogs breakfeast containers, two halloween figures, who can glow, alot of candy, an anti eye-bag cream from nutriss.. Yea well, I got alot, and it was really cool, so this year we kicked ass. 😉 Do you love bingo as much as I do?


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