A good christmas deed

I want you guys to share one good deed you have done for other this christmas. I think if everyone just passes a little bit of good along, then it would reach a very long way. I know it sounds cheesy, but wouldent it be beautiful, if it would create abit of joy for someone else? It dosent have to be alot, just a tiny good deed, just five minutes out of your busy life, to do something, that makes the world a little bit easier for someone else, and then, tell the next person to pass it along. Then when you did a good deed, write it on this post, I would love to hear some cheesy blissful stories, of how you made someones day, abit brighter. I will try to make my mom abit happier, and I will post how in my post later.

Please help me out.

Okay, this is my good deed, and I think I will keep it up, cause it made the person so happy.

I helped my mom do the christmas cleaning, so she could have a day of relaxation. I washed the floors, vacuumed, and made sure that the dishwasher was full and running. It dosent take much to please another person, and I know that these things, I take for granted sometimes, cause my mom spoils me to the bone, so today I did these things, so she could just relax. I love my mom. ❤


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