The ”Little black one”

Almost every girl has one!

Its called The little black one, and its the only thing that works, if your going out at night to a fancy club. (Its of course a dress im talking about guys!) 😉 lol..

This one I just bought, cause you can never get enough little black ones, and this was really cheap! A great dress from H&M, wich has criss cross straps, and you get a great hour glass figure in this one. It has a deep and sexy neckline, but not too much, wich it can easily get to be, and belive me, im not much into showing way too much skin off! Now, I just gotta wait untill I get this darling shipped home. I dont own alot of dresses, so I make myself buy one, just once in a blue moon, cause its important for me, to be well dressed for every occasion.

(Yes this is me on the picture, and I took it when I just got out of bed!) 😀

I bought the new years dress alredy! Its amazing, but a little more ”flashy” with glitter, and tight fitting. No straps at all, but not a way to deep neckline, so it dosent look hideous. Its a great dress for the new years, and with glitter enough to make you temporarily blind! The glitter are small silvery tiny dots, all over this dress, and has a bow on, to make that beloved hour glass shape. Its a very simple but cute dress, that could go with other kind of occasions. Its a gutsy dress, cause its so sort and with no straps, so build some curage, and get one of these, their great for a blast of new years party! And promise me to not drink and drive!


7 thoughts on “The ”Little black one”

  1. You are so right! Every girl needs a little black dress. I bought mine in February and every time I make plans to wear it, I’ve gotten sick 😦 Maybe I’ll finally get to wear it for New Year’s Eve!!

    • Aww… Poor thing, hope you can wear it to new years then!
      I will cross my fingers. 🙂

      I hope my black dress arrives before christmas. I really want it on there… 😀

  2. This one’s really great! You look really nice (You should’ve included your face in the picture ma’am) 🙂
    Won’t a bright red one be apt for Christmas, no?

    • I hate taking body shots of myself.. *sigh*
      My face, well, was kinda in the cam, cause its a mirror reflex cam, so I needed to look through it, to get a decent pic.. lol 😀

      Im not too good with bright colours, Im so white, so I would probably look ill. 🙂 But yea, normally a red dress, is better..

      • hahaha right, but it would’ve been good if your face had been included 🙂
        Well errmmm if you have a very white complexion, you can try out other shades that would go on you. Maybe some light pink or something

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