Reading is bliss

A down right book worm!

I always read alot of books, this is a list of the vampire books I loved the most.

Well at the moment, its all about the vampire novels, right? Their just everywhere, and we love them! BRING IT ON, I know my books very well, and here is some MUSTS for you to read if you looove vampire novels!

Anite Blake the Vampire hunter:

This is an amazing story, about a woman so tough that it makes my skin crawl. She lives in a world, where vampires are known as normal citizens, and obay by the rules, that all regular humans do. Anita Blake, is their doom, if they step over the boundaries. She is a very magical human, who as a regular job, rise zombies, for family to say their last goodbye to, for a court to get a propper hearing from, and from crime scenes to get the last evidence. The whole book is about her life, and the people in it – and it certainly isent boring! My faveorite books.

True Blood:

This is also a Vampire book, but its about alot of other amazing creatures too. Shifters, vampires and fairys. The book is following a small town girls life, Sookie Stackhouse is no ordinary small town girl, she read other peoples thought, and she is very intrested in vampires, somehow they facinate her alot. Her fist encounter with a vampire named Bill, sets everything off in the stories about Sookie, her brother and her life in the little town, where everyone knows everyone. This is an amazing book to read! It sucks you in from the very first page, and leaves you always wanting more, after every book!

House of Night:

These books are for the more young audience, even tho’ I read them, they are about teens, and sometimes, I do not feel the situations described in the books, but it is awesomely written all together. This is about how you become a vampire, and learn all the lessons they have to teach. Zoey is a young girl, going to school like any regular teen, and gets the ”virus” of vampirism. Now she needs to move school, and serve the goddess Nyx, but Zoey is far more unique than she thinks herself. A great book, but maybe for younger people.

Glass houses:

This book is awesome written, and is really exiting to read. The book is about this very young girl, leaving town, to go to collage, way before she needed to. Clair is a very bright girl, and her parrents are very proud of her, she gets accepted into alot of collages, but is forced by her parrents to pick this one, cause its closest to home. But what they dont know is, that people in that town, arent friendly at all. This is a story about a girl who spite her age, fights for what she belives in, and its a great thing to read about. Leaving home for collage, has never been more scary! A MUST to read if your hooked on vampires..

Vampire Diaries:

The books are about a gorgeous girl named Elena, who is a very popular, vain and self-centered girl, at first she is downright impossible to empathise with! She has just returned from a vecation from Europe, and is now ready for a new school year to begin, and for her to go back to her throne, as homecoming queen and being popular and loved by the whole school. It is almost sickening! But then she meets Stefan, and her whole life just turns upside down, cause no one has ignored her more, than him! The most exiting character in the book, is Stefans brother Damon, who is so full of hate and frustration, and is just filled with mystery. He hates Stefan more than words, and Elena has no idea why. Damon loves people to suffer, and he tries like a mad man to split up every bond the two of them might have. A very well written book for an older teen audience!


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