What the….

My body scared the bejesus outta me!

I were sitting on the couch, petting my dog Ozzie, when all of a sudden, my lip started going all warm and tingly, first thought I had, was to like feel it with my tongue. I am a human, and we touch when we dont know what the *beep* is going on. *Bad idea..* The whole thing got worse, and then I panicked! I went for a mirror, and I so shouldent have, This is what met me in the mirror…

The lip started swelling, right above my off-center labret piercing that I have, and I dident have any infections, I had the piercing for more than a year now, it had made no trouble at all, and its one hundred procent healed through, that I know. I think, I had an allergic reaction, to what I do not know, but it was bad. It felt almost itchy, and painful at the same time, like a blister inside your mouth that is two days old. I texted my piercer, that I know well (How lucky is that?!) And I took my piercing out, he told me to do the same, take it out, so it dident get stuck in my swollen lip, and made a wound. He had no idea how it went this way, but he thought it was an infection, but I doubt that, even now.

It escalated in a matter of minutes! It grew even bigger… It was massive! This is how it looked like at the worst. I wanted to take these, to show to the doctor tomorrow, if the swelling dident go down, cause then he could se how fast it had progressed! Here I have my piercing out, no worries! I had no injury from my piercing getting stuck at all, I took it out at the right time I guess. The lip started throbbing, and going white on the inside, and then it went completely numb, I couldent feel it! And I went even more into a state of panic, cause im no doctor! I took a pill then, that removes allergic reactions, to see if that was it. (Later I realised it wasent it) Then I went to sleep, cause if I kept awake, I would have annoyed it even more, people are curious creatures.

When I woke up, the swelling gone abit away. Here you can see its still swollen, but not as extreme as the one above. The lip isent red, and annoyed, and it dident itch. Its still abit numb, but I think it will go away by tomorrow morning. If not, I am going to take a trip to my doctor, and get the whole thing checked out. But theres no reason to see my doctor, if the whole thing is gone by tomorrow. I guess im abit tough about things like this. Ive tried alot worse!

I thought this would be intresting for me to share with you. Does anyone else had a similar experience? Id really love to hear about it. Or any kind of wild experience with enjuries, illness, or something like that. Sometimes, sharing these things, get me in a better mood.. 🙂 I need to eat pills for ten days, ate them for seven at the moment, due to a virus, that made my blood full of bacteria. The pills I got is some antibiotics, to stop the whole virus from getting worse, making me feel more weak, and then, this damn lip. (Lucky that I have christmas vecation from school!) This isent my idea of a great holiday. Hope you all are healthy and happy! Good health means alot I realised..

Best holiday wishes from Copenhagen. 😉


7 thoughts on “What the….

  1. Looks and sounds like you have a cold sore. A great remedy for those is to drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar each day to prevent them. Its a virus and they are very contagious. Very painful, but the vinegar does work. Hope that helps!

  2. Hey Angles of Secrets!

    Well, its gone today, so no cold sore, thats for sure. I have NO idea what happend tho..
    Kinda freaky, that my lip went all that big, and then *puff* – its normal next morning.

    I think that I kinda sucked on it, like when you suck the air out of a bottle, and your lips gets sucked into it.. That is what might have happend. I felt it hurt, and itched, and then I just did a stupid and human thing – sucked on it, and made it swell even more!

    But than god for the whole thing being over alredy. 🙂

  3. Omygod I had the same experience, exactly the same experience! It grew like that too in just a matter of minutes, i had to do the ice thingy all day long to reduce the swelling but it isnt working. I had it last night and I still have it right now, the swelling did subside a little, but hopefully tomorrow it heals.

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