My new lamp

The lamp I was talking so much about has been bought!

I bought the larger model, wich is 45 x 45 cm and are going to be over my dining table in the living room. It is truly beautiful, and the plastic the ”leafs” from this lamp is made of, is no harm for the environment. No bad toxins and unhealthy plasctic. I feel all good about that kinda! The guy who makes these, are very young, he is about my age. He designed this one himself, and he inherited this company from his grandad, wich also made many beautiful lamps. It looks so much like a waterlily, its just beautifully made, and easy to just set up yourself, and you can buy different colours. The ”Leafs” also comes in a black, and a tan at the moment, soon they will be in a lot of different ones he said. The sizes will be different too, so very soon, you can buy one thats called 35 x 35 – perfect for the hallway, or something like that. I thought this guy deserved to be mentioned in here, cause he was very honest, dident demand that you bought the lamp, told me the prices had went down, enstad of cheating me, and he seemed very passionate about the lamps. People who enjoy their work, gets to be very amazing at it, this just shows excatly that! Thumbs up!


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