No sleep…

Again Im having trouble sleeping..

I toss and turn in the bed for the umph-teenth time, trying to make my eyes give in to sleep, but it is damn near impossible, so I stood up, and do as I do best, started writing. Trying to get my eternal monster (insomnia) to take a hike, and leave me alone. So enstead of sleeping like a good girl (yea right!), I eat peanuts, drink a glass of water and think about everything that has happend the past days. Whenever I cant sleep, I go on facebook, and try all these stupid games, and that has made me quite addicted to a few of them, it sucks! ”My shops” is one if the games I am quite addicted to.. Its strange, but I just think its so mindless that its cool.. Pet LLK, is also one of them.. Kinda annoying game, to match the matching pictures with eachother, but still I play it.. *sigh* I picture insomnia as a person sometimes, a female, cause us females can be down right evil and relentless. This little girl, with big dark eyes, and a face that shows it has gotten no sleep in forever. A scary little monster, who just wont give up. I am good at putting faces at what I hate, how weird am I? Im gonna take a book, from my huge and still growing book collection, and start reading, it usually calms me down, reading or writing does that to me.


2 thoughts on “No sleep…

    • Great, I might use that too!

      Always nice with some good advice.. I think when I cant sleep, its due to alot of thoughts in my head, its kinda annoying. Sometimes it helps to actually write.
      – But it dident yesterday night, gah… -_-”

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