My fiancé

A little somethin’ somethin’

about my amazing man.

This is my fiancé and me.

Alex and I have met online, wich is kinda rare, but more and more often seen now a days. He is from Romania, and I am from Denmark, so when we met, I guess it was just meant to be. First we were friends, for a couple of months, just chatting and skyping, and it went great. He became one of my best buddies. After that fate just kicked in I guess? We met in Denmark, and we fell very much in love. He went home, to his own country, and we missed eachother like crazy, I just couldent be without him. Shortly after, on my birthday, he returned, and we got engaged on my 20th birthday. Alot of people might get amazed, about how fast it all went, but I were so sure. Almost four years later, we are still happy, still together, and moving soon. I belive in true love, not everyone will find it, but I was very lucky to find mine. Alex and I, compliment eachother, he is my missing piece in my puzzle, and he makes me a better person.


4 thoughts on “My fiancé

    • Thanks Bailey!

      What a nice comment you added, and my very first one, wohoo! 🙂
      (Im very new on wordpress, so this is awesome to see!)

  1. Now this is one amazing story! A VERY unusual way of finding the one you love! Just too great to express in words. I wish you both a happy life ever after! 🙂

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