Classic music videos?

For all the ones who loves classical music, now some young girls and guys, here in Denmark, made the classical music videos! So now, you can view an emotion, of the classical music, and listen to the music, with whole new and intresting thoughts. Me not being that fond of classical music, do not get the whole classic thing, but I do get the way music videos work, and this might work for some people, so its kinda amazing, and very unique! This whole thing, have just been announced in danish TV, and its kinda special, dont you think? 🙂

The musicians are called ”Nightengales String Quartet” and they are quite skilled, even though im not a big fan of this kind of music, I can see some peoples joy of this. Hope you will watch this video, and share it, I think that classic music is very underestimated, and maybe some people would find joy in this art of music, by watching videos. Its intresting to think about!


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