The craziness has begun!

Do you know the feeling, when you walk into the mall, and everyone just races around like mad men? That was excatly how today was… It was simply caotic!

Everyone was running around, acting like the 23rd of December was tomorrow! The lines were huge everywhere, people were standing on eachother to burn all their money, for overpriced christmas gifts, that will be underpriced in January anyway, its sick! I dont get it.. I bought all my gifts alredy, not that I had a ton to buy though, we are just ”us” this christmas. My littlesister, my mom, dad, my fiancé and me. I bought gifts for two of my girlfriends, but long before this nightmare started! Luckily… Its insane, everyone is freaking out, and so is the prices, why does christmas have to be all about gifts? I do love the food more, honestly.. Christmas isent about giving or getting, its about loving what we alredy have. Sometimes it frightens me, how materialistic some people are, and I find it quite sad. Yea of course, its awesome if you get a gift, and an act of kindness, but it just isent everything. Friendship, family and a good evening means alot more! But maybe its just me? Im a buddhist, and I only celebrate the holidays because of my loved ones. My faith applauds me celebrating others holidays and beliefs, and I love christmas, but not the materialism that comes with it. It kinda freaks me out! 😦 *Very deep sigh*


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