I found it!

The perfect lamp!

My fiancé and I, have the same style when it comes to the apartments furniture, lucky us! Minimalistic and romantic design, all the way through. And we found the coolest lamp, from a little danish design firm. And its cheap too! Its not all that expensive really.. First it reminded me of that overpriced lamp from the ”Discoco mini” collection a danish designer made, its like 3.000 DKK, damn its alot of money for a girl like me! I dont want to spend so much on a lamp, and I cant. So I went online, (geeky as I am), and found one that looks even better than that lamp, and its 299 DKK, wow! And the designers even anwsered me on a text, sharing the info with me, that I needed. No snobbish designer, sitting in his office, looking at his fingernails, counting cash! No, not at all.. He was very kind, informed me, that the lamps price, that at the time was 399 DKK, was put down further, to 299 DKK – he could have ripped me off, but he dident. I am in love with gorgeous design, this lamp is simply just beautiful. I feel pretty lucky..


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