A ”christmasy” day

I do love all the adorable christmas decorations…

Today I went to a cozy mall we have here in Denmark, called ”Fisketorvet” Its this really nice mall, not amazingly big, but big enough.. Filled with nice resturants, good stores to find gifts in, and a lot of amazing christmas lighting everywhere. I adore their decorations, and the view from the balcony, (You can see it on the picture above) Its very beautiful, although I had great trouble taking this shot, due to my major problem with heights! 🙂 Embarrasing, but yet so very true. So I hope you can make out what the *beep* there is on this pic! 😀 Sorry! We went and ate at a resturant, that had this great view at a place in Copenhagen, called ”Islands brygge”, and it looks amazing, especially in the evening. (That is showed in the picture below) I love to go out and just browse at stores, no need to buy anything, but just walk around and enjoy everything. I love spending time with my family, they are very dear to me, even though we are very different. I love them no mather what. They bring me a lot of joy, and sometimes also sorrow, but all the joy makes up for the sorrow, thats for sure. My family is a big part of myself, and the holidays just comes to show, how much I truly need them. Merry christmas everyone. ❤

 This shows the view from the resturant we ate at, and they made quite good food there. I had the chicken burger, but me still being abit ill, I couldent eat much, that just plain sucked. I love food.. Amazing im not 200 kilos, *Wohoo* for my bodys way of burning off calories! 😀 The apartment block you see, that is all white, I just find it so beautiful, it looks like some of the old buildings in Greece. Too bad I felt so weak from my illness, and for those who is reading my blog for the first time: I caught a bug, that went into my blood. A completely normal virus, but It made some bacteria infection in my blood stream, and made me very ill, so Ive been in bed for a week, and I cough like an old lady, it simply sucks, cause I dont have time to be in bed at the moment. Hope you guys made it through this whole wall of text, and thank you for reading, Im happy to have readers/followers and likes in here.


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