A storm is rising…

In northern Denmark, the sea looks like this, and the foam from the sea, floads the docks and at first sight, it looks like snow, but it isent. It will spread along the danish land, and soon it will be in Copenhagen, and I just hate when the weather acts up, it just makes me feel so tiny. Life seems so small compared to the force of nature. I hope Copenhagen wont get too torn up by this storm, and that my parents house pulls through. Though our roof is very well build, and the house is old, but in good condition. Here the wind is all still.. But isent everything just still, right before a storm? Its so damn cold outside, but it feels creepy, when everything is so quiet, like the weather wants to creep up on you, when you least expects it.. *Brrhhh* I am gonna go make a cup of coco, and sit by the fire. The reporters in the northern Denmark are sure making alot of money, standing in that storm, getting covered in all the foam from the sea, trying not to tip over – and I sure aint jealous! Glad it aint me…. 🙂


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