My moms 60th!


Today is the day my mom turned 60 and we had alot of guests.. Its amazing how fast the years just pass by, all of a sudden, everything is changing, and I keep wondering ”where did all the years go?” I remember so clearly when I were a little girl, sitting on my moms lap, and her, stroking my back, talking to my dads side of the family, a christmas, a very long time ago.. But it still feels like it was yesterday! But I am truly happy about my childhood. It was very blissful, and my mom was a perfect parrent, its sounds so cheesy, but its true.

We had the best brunch, and my moms family and my dads family were there, to celebrate her, and she got so many presents.. It was amazing. Me and my bigbrother, bigsister and my littlesister all got her some pro pictures, that we had made by my littlesisters friend, who is a photographer. The pictures were really great, I just loved the one he took of all of us (all her four kids). Today was great, even tho im still ill, caughing like a maniac, but I dont have a cold anymore – Only headaces, and the really sore throat, the cough and the very sore muscles. But I loved today, and I loved the way the whole family got together, and wished my mom happy birthday. What a great day we had..


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