My grades

I have been biting my nails…

But finally it is over, and the christmas vacation is on its way! My group who holds just the three of us, (Bjarke, Nikolaj and me) did okay, not amazing, but kinda okay. We got a 4 – wich in Denmark is an average grade, juust in the middle. *sigh* I wanted more to be completely honest, we worked very hard on this project, and it was just annoying to see that grade, but next time, I will do better, cause I know excatly what to work on. We need a more smooth presentation, a more vivid idea of how our project has been played out every day, and thats about it. We could also work on our way of sharing the work I guess, in the end I made quite alot of things on my own, wich is my own fault. I should have told the guys I needed help, but typical me, im bad at that! Next time, will be alot better and no hogging the assignments. 😀


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