One month left!

Then im in my new place, with my fiancé, turning a new chapter in my life..

There is just too much stuff to remember right now, and all our savings are going into buying new furniture. We are gonna have a huge party, actually two.. One for my family, and one for my friends. Its gonna be one of those ”Bring a dish and some drinks” things, wich will make it as cheap for me as humanly possible, cause after all of this, im lucky to even afford furniture! The apartment is an owner, that means, no mean land lords, no problems with putting nails in the walls, and the market for buying has been perfect! So we did it! The 2nd of January we are gonna move out, and I just cant wait! The whole planning stage has been awesome, going shopping for the kitchen, picking out furniture we like. Its been some very busy months.

Picking the place!

The whole ”picking out apartment” thing wasent really hard at all, we just saw it, and instantly knew that this was just it! Our place is 66 m2, two rooms (to be honest its a 2½ room apartment) – Cause we have a huge walk-in closet, and i adore it! So much closet space! *yay* I dont think I have ever tried to hold my face so avrage before, when we saw the place, it was fantastic! 1st floor apartment, we dont live under anyone, lucky me! And the whole side of the place has windows, so theres no room without any windows, except the bathroom and walk-in ofcourse. The livingroom is huge, and our kitchen is brand spanking new, except for the fridge, wich is a little old, but not by much. We have our own balcony, and its a big one! We have alot of room for furniture out there, wich is just perfect. I feel very lucky right now, and im glad to be moving out soon.


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