Twilight – Breaking dawn

I went to the movies with my friend Karina and her littlesister, to watch the new Twilight movie.. The movie was just awesome, Ive been wanting to watch it for a long time now, and its finally out! *Yaaay* So last weekend (saturday) , after my exams, we went! The endning was amazing, and abit surprising, I havent really expected it to end all that sudden.. I am no huge Twilight dork, altho I love the plot of the movie, I am more of a love movie kinda girl.. ^^ But I do like Twilight, and I always go watch them at the movies, its just a ”thing” I have. 😉

Way too many popcorn

Me, Karina, and her littlesister had a great time. I dont think I ate that many popcorns, ever!

It was just one of those days where you go ”Ahh what a great evening we had, lets do it again soon”


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